Sunday, December 6, 2009

Disney PhotoPass Hack: Low-Res

This only gets you the low-res version of the image. Get 'em before they change the API:

1) Login to your Disney PhotoPass account.
2) Select the gallery you want to view
3) Click a photo you'd like to save
4) In the url, you'll see an argument passed called imageId=
5) Copy the imageId value and paste it into the url:
Alternately, you can also use the URL:

If you're feeling extra sassy, you can add an additional argument to the url to see a slightly larger version: aspectRatio=EightByTen

Only really useful for grabbing the 1 in 20 photos these trained monkeys with expensive cameras are capable of taking. Even a blind squirrel gets lucky sometimes and finds an acorn.

For more advanced users, there's a slightly easier way. Using the "Web Developer" plugin for FF, you can do the following:

1) From the gallery page: Tools » Web Developer » Images » View Image Information
2) When this loads, scroll until you find the small thumbs of your pictures.
3) Click the links and then remove the argument: &width=


  1. Thank you! Your first suggestion worked for me perfectly. I got ripped off enough on the vacation, but that's not enough for Team Rodent; they wanna squeeze in one more raping after you get home. Thanks for helping me stick it to them for once!

  2. You just saved me a billion dollars! Thank you!

  3. HA! Thanks for the tip. Still works to this day. Just grabbed all 26 pictures off of their site. Some are ok, 2-3 good ones, the rest are so-so...

  4. I am not able to do this way of downloading.when I type the url with image Id I get an error message "internet explorer cannot display the web page" plz help

  5. Divya, try using a different web browser.

  6. Thank You Man! It worked!Helped me saving $169 for 30 photos!

  7. Thanks for the info, that's great. See­s-batch-low-res­-in-chrome for how to do it in Chrome.